Zero Emissions – Better Performance

Green Machine’s patent-pending, LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™ battery system is dramatically cleaner, quieter and less expensive to operate than comparable diesel machines.


Electric Mini Excavator

Green Machines have zero emissions, are less expensive to operate, and have better performance metrics than diesel powered machines.


Electric Light Tower

The Green Machine boasts more light output, zero emissions, and silent operation when compared to the traditional diesel powered light tower.


Clean Power Supply System

The heart of all Green Machines is the patented LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™ Battery System, capable of providing energy for any industrial or commercial application.

 Zero Emissions

Green Machines are powered by a proprietary lithium-ion battery system called LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™. As a result, all Green Machine Equipment is emission free.

Less Noise

Green Machine Excavators are 50% quieter than diesel powered machines. Green Machine light towers  and generators are completely silent. This creates a quieter work environment and enhances job site safety.

Eco & Bottom Line Friendly

Green Machines are 90% less expensive to operate as compared to diesel units. There are no fuel costs, no oil changes and zero engine maintenance intervals.

We recently purchased an e240 excavator for our construction site in Tampa. We needed a machine that was rugged, and was conducive to working in a confined area. My operators are amazed at how both powerful and quiet the machine is – it’s actually exceeded their expectations completely. Overall, this is one of the best equipment purchase we’ve made in some time.”


Joe Williams, President
Kimmins Contracting

How does Green Machine Equipment stack up against diesel?