rps 140 Electric Generator

The rps140 LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™ Clean Power Supply System is an industrial, steel encased lithium power system able to operate in any indoor environment.

  • 100% cleaner than diesel

  • 95% less expensive to operate

  • No warm-up needed

  • Silent operation


Power Storage Capacity

The Clean Power Supply System yields 20kwh of energy, but multiple units are able to be stacked to increase capacity.


Quick Charge

The rps140 can be fully recharged in about 10 hours from a single phase 220/40 amp outlet.


Clean & Quiet

A zero emissions and completely silent power source which is perfect for any indoor stand-by or emergency power supply application.


Fully Scalable

The rps system can be scaled up or down in size to meet any power supply application.

Additional Information

  • Green Machine power supply system is a storage device that supplies power and shifts reliance on grid-generated energy sources.
  • The System shifts loads from peak demand periods and can significantly lower utility costs by eliminating or minimizing costly demand charges. The LITHIUM WHISPERTECH™ system can be integrated into a conventional power system to supply all or part of a user’s power needs during these peak demand times, and shift that load from the grid when rates are highest, recharging at night when rates are lowest.
  • Green Machine power supply system is a backup power system, or emission-free generator. Small office, manufacturing, and multi-unit residential housing are among the most promising applications.
  • Green Machine power supply system facilitates automated testing requirements for safety/emergency response systems in schools or institutions, which are often very labor intensive.
  • Green Machine power supply system is a can be coupled with a renewable energy program (e.g. – solar), thus reducing overall demand and improving system efficiency, in addition to shifting consumption to a more economically viable time of day.

How does Green Machine Equipment stack up against a diesel?

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